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About W.C. Jasper

Here's what you might have already read on the home page...

Born and raised in the mean streets of Mumbai, Jasper turned to books and music for sanctuary at a very young age. With an out-of-control and overwhelmingly imaginative mind, the world of fantasy was pretty much his natural habitat since the age of five. With music and writing as the two major contenders among his endless list of “passions”, he would not have guessed that his first ever publicly distributed work would be in the literary world.

Five years after acquiring his Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies, he managed to publish his very first novel at the age of 27 while working a day-job as a Content Writer. Jasper hopes to write many more fantasy stories that will open people’s minds to regain access to a higher realm which every human freely entered into as a child, but became incapable of accessing as they grew older and became bound by the dark magic of the adult world’s perceived limitations of “reality”. And he hopes to do this through stories that will also speak to readers at a vulnerably human level and deliver a message of inner-healing and restoration to our broken world.

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And here's what Jasper has to say about himself...

Writing has been a part of me since my childhood. Graduating from writing my first ever “poem” which I wrote in my Kindergarten days to publishing my very first novel at the age of 27 has been a rather unpredictable and adventurous journey.

Growing up, my explicit dream was to become a singer-musician. It's quite weird to be sitting here, typing this as someone whose very first published work has turned out to be in the literary world instead of the music world. But hey, considering the fact that my current singing voice is scarier than the cries of "OH! MY! GAWD!" by Janice Hosenstein from Friends, it is definitely a good thing!

Whenever I was not indulging myself in music, sports, gaming, and eating (can't forget eating... eating takes up pretty much most of my time even today), I was mostly reading. Lost in the world of comic books, animes, mangas, and novels of all genres ranging from drama to action to fantasy; I passionately loathed the entire concept of genres that felt too restrictive for a world so infinite.

And so, here I am today, writing novels that refuse to be bound by the shackles of genres. The plan is to write stories that will help us regain access to those higher realms in our imagination that we all possessed as children. And the plan is also to write something that will bring inner-healing and restoration to our woefully broken world.

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