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In a perfect world, undefiled by the baneful touch of man, can mankind protect and preserve the earth's maiden glory? What or who can protect this virgin earth from the inevitable corruption and wickedness of mankind that is doomed to defile and disfigure this perfect world?

Set in a prehistoric Earth, the VIRGIN EARTH series seeks to introduce readers to a time when the Earth was in her pristine glory.

The VIRGIN EARTH series is an epic fantasy that seeks to take its readers on a stroll through a world that seems almost magical and broadens minds to tap into a higher realm by reclaiming access to the untarnished, infinite imagination every human possessed as a child. Even through the telling of this tale of superhuman heroes in a fantasy world, the book speaks to the readers on a vulnerably human level and hopes to deliver a message of inner-healing and restoration. The VIRGIN EARTH series delivers a tale of destiny and purpose in a wrapping of meticulous plotlines, stimulating character dynamics, detailed action, provocative philosophical questions, emotional hang-gliding and foxtrotting, and a slowly unraveling, deep lore.

Following two brothers who hold dissimilar views of morality and religion, it creates slow-moving paintings of the most earthed facets of the human experience and explores the various ends of the philosophical prism with infinite vertices.


Sovereign Servants - The Sending

The first instalment in the VIRGIN EARTH series is finally here!

A King with a blameless character and rigidly upright moral compass; his younger brother, the Prince who looks at the world in shades of grey, but holds absolute devotion and obedience to his elder brother.

The elder brother, the Sceptre; the younger, the Sword. The righteous King, who stands on faith and hope. The sceptic Prince, whose faith lies in his sword; and hope, in vengeance.

With simple language that is easy for all types of audience to follow and enjoy, the book immerses the readers in an enchanting fantasy world and offers a ‘drink-in the moment’ experience within an epic tale of Kings and Heroes. Presenting a wide range of diverse characters, the book sets up a platform for enjoying variegated character dynamics and for investing in relatable, interesting, and well-defined characters.

What is Royalty?
Are we rulers? Or are we servants?
Are we gods among men? Or are we the stewards of a borrowed world?

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'Sovereign Servants - The Sending' is currently available on all major Amazon marketplaces.

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