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VIRGIN EARTH Series - The first book is here!!!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

After countless sleepless nights spent in anxiety and stress-filled grinding in front of the retina-burning blue screens, I am ecstatic to announce that the first instalment in the VIRGIN EARTH series arrives this August 15! Riding on this ecstasy's wave, I would like to give you all some information on what you can expect from this fantasy series and decide whether this is your cup of tea (or coffee, I don’t judge… okay, maybe I judge just a little, but to be fair, tea is superior). And with my personal attacks out of the way, let’s dive into it.

The VIRGIN EARTH series offers an invitation to step into a utopian world set in a prehistoric Earth. An Earth that was yet undefiled and in pristine condition. The VIRGIN EARTH series is a fantasy epic that seeks to take its readers on a stroll through a world that seems almost magical and broadens minds to tap into a higher realm by reclaiming access to the untarnished, powerful imagination every human possessed as a child. Even through the telling of this tale of superhuman heroes in a fantasy world, the book speaks to the readers on a vulnerably human level and hopes to deliver a message of inner-healing and restoration. The VIRGIN EARTH series delivers a tale of destiny and purpose in a wrapping of meticulous plotlines, stimulating character dynamics, detailed action, provocative philosophical questions, emotional hang-gliding and foxtrotting, and a slowly unraveling, deep lore.

Sovereign Servants - The Sending

Releasing on August 15, the first instalment in the VIRGIN EARTH series is ‘Sovereign Servants: The Sending’. This book follows the lives and exploits of two brothers: The elder brother - King Jeraash Ehbed, and the younger brother - Prince Jared Ehbed. Following the two brothers who hold dissimilar views of morality and religion, this book creates slow-moving paintings of the most earthed facets of the human experience and explores the various ends of the philosophical prism with infinite vertices.

With simple language that is easy for all types of audience to follow and enjoy, the book immerses the readers in an enchanting fantasy world and offers a ‘drink-in the moment’ experience within an epic tale of Kings and Heroes. Presenting a wide range of diverse characters, the book sets up a platform for enjoying variegated character dynamics and for investing in relatable, interesting, and well-defined characters.

Refusing to paint inside the lines of the restrictive boundaries of “genres”, it offers a reading experience that unifies and blends the goodness of a wide variety of diverse and even contrasting genres. Even though most of the story follows a ‘happy moments’ theme, it regularly pays respect to the imperfections of reality and the endless wickedness of mankind. It explores the brokenness of mankind and also sheds light on the beauty that lies within the fragility and weakness of the human soul.

Starting off with simplistic action scenes that help the reader to take the initial dive into the setting of the world, it slowly graduates to more detailed and gripping action sequences. The deep lore of the Virgin Earth is teased gently to offer readers the minimal amount of foundational information and the right amount of intrigue and fascination.

This should be a good read for anyone who is looking for a slow-paced story that indulges in a ‘drink-in the moment’ experience, human stories in a fantasy setting, fascinating characters, engaging action, and a deep lore.

What to expect:

  • A stroll through a fantasy world delivered in the wrapping of a human experience.

  • The adventure of the supernatural setting of a fantasy world served with the emotional foxtrotting of the symphony of human bonds.

  • A fresh magic system that does not overpower the and dominate the plotline.

  • A unique supernatural element that provides a refreshing change from the usual, overdone supernatural elements seen in the genre.

  • Meticulous and unique world-building.

  • A wide variety of unique, interesting, and fresh characters with exhaustive character definition, depth and variegated character dynamics.

  • A slow-paced telling that provides a ‘drink-in the moment’ experience served with toppings of feel-good episodes and the occasional soft comedy.

  • Exceedingly detailed action.

  • Storied narration of a philosophical commentary on the human condition and the brokenness of humanity.

  • A playful linguistic take that infuses modern language into a narration that uses primarily traditional language.

  • A merging of fictional and unorthodox linguistic expression with the standard linguistic practices of today's age that helps construct the fabric of the fictional world.

I hope that you will join me on this adventure and partake in this journey of a lifetime as we enter an enchanting world of a time when the Earth was in her pristine glory. Welcome to a new world.

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